B for Band Girl - # A to Z challenge 2017

Defy the norms , fight the world
Walk in the path where no one would;
Into the darkness of my mind
Flows the sound ,you unwind;
Grows into you I can feel
Fingers numbed , go on squeal ;
Walk with me reality speaks
Not all I did was to break the shield;
Family to feed , with growing seeds
Tread will I in my Fathers feet;
I touched the silver with all his love
Tall  I stand as the Girl in band;

n this A to Z challenge , I am attempting very small verses of poetry for all things that are at home or office which are either showpieces or left there for its own reason. I am imagining that each of it is telling its own story !


Aidyl Ewoh said…
Pretty cool! I have a shelf of special things that sit near my desk. I'm sure they all would have fantastic stories to tell if they could. Keep up the good work!
Ash said…
Thanks much.. Keep inspiring us with your stories
Random Musings said…
Perfect! really captured the emotions of the image
Ash said…
Thank you Debbie .. Thanks for stopping by

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