J for Jade and Shine - # A to Z challenge 2017

In this A to Z challenge , I am attempting very small verses of poetry for all things that are at home or office which are either showpieces or left there for its own reason. I am imagining that each of it is telling its own story !

Over the oceans, under the seas
In a time very long ago, with lovely grass and trees;
Was a community named the precious
Blue, white, pink , green were thier official dress;
Thier glow blinded many, thier voices was as sweet as honey

When the sea was furious as per the Lord's order
All went here there and were to wither;
The precious looked up and asked thee
Is that not anything that can be done to bring back the glee;
With his wand he made a wave
Lo! What came was no one's game;
The precious remained forever in our hearts
Like diamonds, rubies and jades in our lives carts;


Debby said…

My A-Z post The Genealogy Search Continues:
J is for Jewish Genealogy

Nick Wilford said…
A very whimsical feel to this poem. Nice!

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